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What WE DO?

INtuitive Health partners with health systems nationwide to build, operate and launch hybrid retail healthcare facilities that provide urgent care and emergency services under one roof.  INtuitive’s retail care facilities drive patient acquisition, increase visibility and deliver the high-level customer service patients demand.

WHY INtuitive?








 INtuitive Health's Legacy ER & Urgent Care Allen, Texas location.  No glass partitions, no wait, typically in-and-out in under 35 minutes for urgent care and under 120 minutes for emergency room care.  

INtuitive Health's Legacy ER & Urgent Care Allen, Texas location.  No glass partitions, no wait, typically in-and-out in under 35 minutes for urgent care and under 120 minutes for emergency room care.  

If you want to learn more about INtuitive Health's North Texas locations, or a patient looking for care, please click below.  

Delivering a proven model patients love

Hybrid Retail Care Pioneers. Founded in 2008, INtuitive Health’s first brand, Legacy ER & Urgent Care, was one of the nation’s first healthcare facilities to offer both urgent care and emergency room treatment options under one roof.  INtuitive built an exceptional customer service program, with industry leading ratings by providing transparent billing, and creating a welcoming clinical environments with one-on-one access to board-certified, emergency-trained physicians. 

Patients demand better service and honest billing, because it makes sense; it is intuitive. By utilizing retail care, INtuitive Health has seen a consistent level of growth since 2008, regardless of the 500% increase in competition from free standing healthcare facilities. INtuitive is now the largest provider of hybrid retail healthcare services in the US.


Who benefits from the HYBRID MODEL? 

The Benefits of the Hybrid Retail Care Model


Eliminate the need to choose

With the rise of community based care, the question everyone is trying to answer is, "When do I go to an urgent care versus an emergency room?” The hybrid retail care model gives patients access to immediate care at a full-service, on-site emergency room and urgent care center, 24-hours a day 7 days a week, while only paying for the level of service required. Patients no longer have to choose, or self-diagnosis of their condition, to decide where to be treated.


The Hybrid IS NOT an opportunity to push the ER

True hybrid retail care facilities have objective criteria, which falls in line with the genuine needs of the patient.  Per a 2015 Truven Health Analytics study, 44%-65% of all ER cases could have been treated and billed at an urgent care level.  INtuitive Health's North Texas facilities bill at the urgent care level over 80% of the time.  With over 72k cases per year, these facilities save their communities over $13M in unnecessary ER utilization.  Try our ER savings calculator

BUILDING Customer Loyalty

Transparent billing wins patient loyalty and in turn requires facilities to rely on volume to drive profitability.  Providing a quality, retail customer service experience that patients recommend and willingly promote is an absolute necessity. INtuitive Health's facilities have reached a Net Promoter Score of 81, the highest in the healthcare category nationwide, and on par with customer service behemoths like Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Apple.  

National Net promoter score (NPS) benchmarks for Healthcare range from -10 to 40.  INtuitive Health is on par with some of the largest and most successful customer service organizations in the world.

* 2015 Truven Health Analytics Study " Avoidable Emergency Department Usage Analysis


Partnering With INtuitive Health

Since its inception, the hybrid retail care model has proven to be very scalable.  Its favorable to patients and provides excellent partnership opportunities with health systems, payors, and employers nationwide. Click here to learn how these partners benefit from the hybrid retail model.


Speed to market

  • Partner - Build - Operate - Acquire patients
  • Dedicated implementation team
  • Turn-key management from development, operations, marketing and construction
  • Ability to launch multiple locations simultaneously


outsized financial PERFORMANCE

The hybrid retail care model integrates seamlessly within health systems, resulting in increased continuity of care:

  • Facilities are located strategically to capture patient populations
  • Patients have better access to care | creating better continuation of care
  • Better access for patients needing to be admitted | approximately 5% of ER patients needed to be admitted in 2016
  • Direct access to specialist as needed | approximately 15% of patients were referred for a specialty service in 2016


Exceptional customer service 

  • Patients who promote their experience are patients who return multiple times
  • Dedicated customer service training and unique processes has led to the highest Net Promoter Scores in healthcare
  • 70% of patients return at least 1x per 6 months creating profitable customer loyalty | patients return 70% within 12 months
  • The hybrid retail model counters unfavorable consumer confidence in freestanding emergency rooms (FSER)

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