Retail Hybrid Healthcare Pioneer Complements Expansion with a New Brand

The landscape of healthcare is changing. Better access, better service and honest billing have become patient directives, because it makes sense - it's intuitive.  The team who developed the hybrid retail care model and built the chain of successful, North Texas based, Legacy ER & Urgent Care facilities, is now launching INtuitive Health.  INtuitive Health will serve as an expansion brand to partner with health systems around the country.

Joint venture partnerships have been in the works since second quarter of 2016, but efforts have recently been accelerated due to consumer request and a heightened interest from health systems. “North Texas has provided an exceptional proving ground,” said Thom Herrmann CEO of INtuitive Health.  “The ability to meet our patients' needs, while maintaining a high-level of customer service and providing honest billing, has been the winning combination for us.” The state of Texas is a semi-regulated state, which allows ownership of freestanding emergency departments independent of hospital systems.  “The perception that free standing emergency rooms and urgent care facilities are on every corner is not exactly untrue.  However, this incredible rise has also seen a continued sell-off, as consumers continue to understand the costs associated with an emergency department and owners understand the expense of operations,” Herrmann continued.  “In comparison, our facilities have seen a consistent level of growth since 2008, regardless of the 500 percent increase in competition. This is a direct result of our hybrid retail care model and relentless pursuit of customer service.”

As expansion continues, INtuitive Health will remain dedicated to the support and operations of their Legacy ER & Urgent Care locations.  The executive team will remain in place, with the addition of healthcare leadership veterans to the board of directors and the business development team.   “We have an accomplished team of healthcare specialists, advisors and capital partners in place,” Herrmann stated. “We are excited to bring our hybrid retail care and customer service model to quality health systems around the country.”

About INtuitive Health

INtuitive Health partners with health systems nationwide to build, operate and launch hybrid retail healthcare facilities that provide urgent care and emergency services under one roof.  INtuitive’s convenient care facilities drive patient acquisition, increase visibility and deliver the high level customer service patients demand.

About Legacy ER & Urgent Care

Founded in 2008, Legacy ER & Urgent Care is one of the nation’s first healthcare models to offer both urgent care and emergency room treatment options under one roof. By providing transparent billing, a welcoming clinical environment, and one-on-one service with board-certified, emergency-trained physicians, Legacy has built an exceptional customer service program, with industry leading ratings. The hybrid retail care model gives patients access to immediate care at a full-service, on-site emergency room 24/7 and urgent care center level services from 7A-9P daily, allowing patients to only pay for the level of service needed.