Health Systems

Better Access, Continuum of Care, Lower Unnecessary ER Visits and more...


health systems will have better accessibility to new patient volumes

  • High level of customer service provides strong first impression for the health system
  • Patient will have direct access to hospital if admittance is needed
  • 70% of patients are returning at least 1x per 6 months, exponentially higher 6 months plus.  
  • Specialists will have larger and volume of patients seeking immediate next-step care
  • Health systems can refer patients to PCPs in their network


Employers & Payors

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Unnecessary emergency room utilization is a costly burden for employers and payors

  • INtuitive Health's patients will be treated and billed at the urgent care level, saving thousand$
  • Employers will save on unnecessary ER utilization fees just by driving populations into the hybrid retail locations
  • Each patient visit will generate one single bill regardless of the level of care
  • Convenient access and efficient door-to-door times allows for patients to get back to work faster
How much are unnecessary ER visits costing your covered populations?  Try our ER Savings CalculatorĀ®